Why is FakeTaxi so popular?

Almost everyone over the age of 18 heard about faketaxi at least once in their life. But what makes FakeTaxi to be so popular? The answer is really simple, almost every guy that drives a car fantasies about a stranded girl that needs a drive somewhere and during the lift the girls want to reward the driver with some great sex in the car. Making FakeTaxi a perfect place where viewers can live that fantasy and see a lot of sexy girls who are having sex in the backseat of the famous uk taxi car with the FakeTaxi logo on it. This taxi has traveled the world on the screens and even people who didn’t see any faketaxi episode, they still heard about faketaxi and they will eventually check out the website.

Each episode in faketaxi porn starts with a girl who needs a ride but somehow they don’t have cash to pay the ride or they are very grateful for the taxi lift. The girls want to repay the taxi driver or pay the ride with some great sex and that is how the fantasy starts… From hot babes, to runaway brides, to sexy lost girls, threesomes and much more, these are just some of the faketaxi scenarios that people will find on their website and that is not all, because once you join Fake Taxi you will get access to FakeHub and get more premium websites included with your membership. There you will be able to watch content from Fake Taxi, FakeHub Originals, Fake Cop, Public Agent, Female Fake Taxi, Fake Hospital, Fake Hostel and much more premium quality porn for your fantasies.

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